Troubleshooting Guide


* Confirm if the power (POE) adapter is powered and lighting steady white/green/blue

* Check if the cables are firm in both POE and LAN ports

Please note: The cable for the LAN ports should be connected to your device and the POE cable to your POE port should be connected to the CPE mounted on the building/water tank etc 

* If the above fail, contact the IT personnel of Roke Telkom customer service 

WARNING: The cable from the POE should never be connected to the computer or router as it would cause damage



* Confirm if the ONY is powered by looking at the power light/LED

* Look at the ONU to confirm if the GPON light is steady green or the LOS light is on 

* In case the ONU has a LOS light, it signifies a fire fault, please contact Roke Telkom customer service 

* If all the above is fine, please contact your IT support or Roke Telkom customer service