Managed Solutions

Managed Security Solution

This solution outsources the customer’s network security requirements to us. It helps alleviate the pressures the business faces daily with regards to information security threats such as targeted malware, Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS), customer data theft, security expert skills shortages and resource constraints. Key benefits include the ability to perform regular security assessments and security audits to expose vulnerabilities, and responding to emergencies, among others.

In conjunction with our Security Partner, Roke can provide a multi-module solution that encompasses several modules to give you 360° solution to your network security requirements. This allows the business to focus more of their time and resources on growing and running their business, instead of being distracted by security issues. As more businesses embrace cloud services, this cloud security solution would be perfectly suited to handle their security needs.


Managed IOT Solutions


  1. Connected Farmer

    This is an easy to use mobile phone-based enterprise solution for agribusinesses to interact and transact with smallholder farmers. Key Benefits of this solution include an interconnected Agri-community eco-system with increased access to quality information (pricing) resulting in better decision making, as well as improved farmer database management which helps with accessing financial services thereby increasing productivity and efficiency in the agricultural value chain.

  2. M-Health

    M-Health also known as mobile health refers to the practice of medicine and public health supported by mobile devices such as mobile phones, tablets, personal digital assistants and the wireless infrastructure. This solution reduces the cost of delivery of health care and increases efficiency and access to quality health care. M-health creates an operational workflow by bringing together the health care worker, the patient and the supplier into an integrated system. Key benefits of this product are that it assists our customers in Stock and Supply Management, Mobile Learning, Mobile Surveillance, Vaccine Management, Patient Support, among others.

  3. M-Education

    M-Education or mobile, online education is a school management service that enables communication with learners even outside the classroom. Learners can also answer assessments using their mobile devices. Key benefits are that it enables the teacher to: Embed PDFs into the eBooks for learners to download, Create or add videos, Add events to the eBooks, Games, multimedia resources, and educational movies with over 1,000 interactive and engaging lessons. All the learner's notes, sketches and highlights are stored on the tablet and backed-up in the cloud.


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