Frequently Asked Questions

  • Billing/Payment

Click this link to view the different payment options.

  • Wireless Clients: Ugx 300,000

  • Fiber Clients: Prices differ.

  • FTTH clients: Ugx 100,000

  • Rokespots are designed for public spaces and are installed by Roke Telkom, however, cost of installation can be shared upon request

  • Rokespot vouchers – daily – UGX1200, weekly – UGX6400, monthly – UGX24000

  • Roke Classic – 60GB – Ugx 112,000

  • Roke Unlimited – 150GB – Ugx 280,000

  • Roke Mega Plus – 450GB – Ugx 728,000

  • Roke Enterprise (For Businesses) – Prices on request

  • General

You will receive a welcome email with your Portal login details

You will need to provide us details of your new location and pay UGX 100,000 for wireless connections but when it comes to a fiber connection, this cost may vary.

Yes, you’ll need to sign up for a minimum of one Year

This depends on what you are installing.

  • Wireless customers: We estimate a maximum of 3 Working days

  • Fiber customers: We estimate a maximum of 5-10 working days

  • FTTH customers – We estimate a maximum of 24 Hours.

  • Rokespots – 5Mbps per user

  • Roke Plus Products - 5Mbps Speeds

  • Roke Enterprise (Depends on subscription)

  • Rokespot vouchers (daily, weekly and monthly)

  • Roke Classic Plus 40GB

  • Roke Unlimited Plus – 100GB

  • Roke Mega Plus – 300GB

  • Roke Enterprise (For Businesses)

By visiting, with your username and password, you’ll be able to view your graph.

  • RokeSpot

You can find these Hotspots at selected plazas, shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, Universities and student Hostels.

Go to the Wi-Fi menu on your device, select Rokespot, and enter your login details in the portal to access the Wi-Fi.

By using Mobile money or paying cash to the outlet for a voucher.

At all Rokespots, you can enjoy the flexibility of 3 payment options: 1200/= valid for 1 day, 6400/= valid for 1 week and 24,000/= valid for 1 month.

Yes, vouchers are usable at all our Rokespots as long as they are valid.

The registration enables the system to automatically send your voucher to you by SMS.

Rokespot Wi-Fi will give you high speed, high reliability, extended access to Wi-Fi and flexibility of where to use your voucher.

You can call our 24/7 customer care help line: +256205000123, by WhatsApp to +256703681506, or by email to

Rokespots are Roke Telkom’s High speed Wi-Fi Hotspots.