SDWAN stands for Software Defined Wide Area Network and what this is a newer approach at creating Wide Area Networks meaning your network becomes cheaper, more efficient and more reliable. 


Key Features

We offer this service to clients with branches that might not be able to access our network but require a connection. It connects enterprise networks including branch offices and data centers over large geographic distances and remote areas. This network is designed to help enterprises achieve maximum connectivity with minimal downtime  


  1. The network utilizes multiple connection types to create a single resilient network infrastructure. 

  1. It offers management capabilities to direct relevant traffic according to its required class of service, offloading MPLS links and delaying the need to upgrade capacity. 

  1. Ability to quickly and easily scale up for new branches and increased redundancy as several connection types can be used in concert. 

  1. Better Prioritization of applications based on user access, bandwidth requirements, IP addresses, or other business factors and flexible Bandwidth Allocation. 

  1. Administrators can set a minimum and maximum bandwidth limit for applications by category and the SDWAN solution will take care of the rest. This makes sure that the width is maximized regardless of how many applications running.  

  1. Additionally, SDWAN solutions are designed to function in a way that instantly determines the most direct path from one point of the network to another. 

  1. SDWAN solution also has features that can detect outages and automatically take corrective measures within seconds to resume connectivity and ensure minimal downtime. 


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