How to Make the Most of Your Internet While Staying Home and Staying Safe from the Coronavirus


With the government telling people to stay indoors to reduce the spread of the coronavirus, many are now at home looking to the internet to keep entertained, informed and to help them work efficiently.

Knowing how big of a role the internet is playing in keeping you home and safe from the coronavirus, we at Roke Telkom have decided to give you some tips on how to make the most of your home internet.

The tips we have for you range from the very obvious to the downright weird and here is our first tip. Don’t use the microwave. As some of you may have noticed, the WiFi may sometimes get interrupted when you use the microwave and that is because both the microwave and the WiFi and operate on radio frequency, and sometimes these radio frequencies interfere with one another when they are both in use. So don’t use the microwave when you are on an important video call with business partners or family who are also in isolation.

The second tip we have for you is that the position of your WiFi router matters. Place the router on a table instead of the floor and keep it away from devices like cordless phones, baby monitors, stereos and computer speakers, and TVs because these devices will interfere with your internet connection.

The third tip is to only connect the devices that will be actively using the internet. The more devices you have the slower your internet connection will be because these devices will be sharing the bandwidth but the thing is, more often than not we have let some of our devices automatically connect to our home WiFi even when they are not using the internet. These devices normally have programs running in the background that will use the internet without your knowledge and make it slow for you. Disconnect them!

The fourth tip is to use an ethernet cable to connect to the internet rather than using the wireless option. An ethernet connection is faster and will ensure that your video calls and meetings go off without a hitch.

The fifth tip is to reduce the quality of your video. Services like YouTube and Netflix offer videos in different quality but the highest quality will take the longest to load. If you do not need to watch it in HD then our tip is to find a lower quality that will work for you.

The sixth tip is one many of us know but often forget, downloading is a better option than streaming. It is faster and often takes less data.

With more people home and more people on the internet than ever before, we might experience some strain but do not worry, even during these hard times we are committed to giving you the very best and will continue to do so. Enjoy the internet, stay home and stay safe.